Proving Federal Crimes The first book ever written for both law enforcement agents and litigators

From 1954-1981 the Department of Justice published seven editions of Proving Federal Crimes (PFC). But in the twenty years since the book was last published by DOJ, much more than just the law has changed. Now, federal agents and prosecutors work together at the inception of the investigation, and 80% of the federal prosecutor’s job takes place before entering the courtroom. This private commercial edition of PFC is the first book ever written for both law enforcement agents and litigators.

1. Structuring the Investigation
2. Search Warrants
3. Warrantless Searches
4. Electronic Surveillance
5. International Issues
6. Fugitives
7. Admissions & Confessions
8. Self-Incrimination and Immunity
9. Informants
10. Corporations
11. Prosecution of Juveniles
12. Grand Jury Practice
13. Ethical Issues
14. Jurisdiction
15. Indictments
16. Preliminary Procedures
17. Bail & Detention
18. Discovery
19. Brady-Giglio
20. Jencks
21. Speedy Trial
22. Joinder and Severance
23. Double Jeopardy and Mistrial
24. Negotiated Pleas
25. Jury Issues
26. Trial Issues
27. Common Defenses
28. Sentence

Beginning with structuring the investigation, PFC devotes the first ten chapters to evidence-gathering techniques and then takes agents and litigators, step by step, through the grand jury and the trial. PFC contains materials from federal law enforcement agency manuals, the U.S. Attorneys’ Manual, the Federal Judges’ Benchbook, and material from federal defenders’ publications. for more details, visit :