Corpus Juris Publishing Company

We are the only publishing company that produces practical law books for all of the law enforcement and criminal justice communities. These books reflect 30 years of law enforcement and courtroom experience but are written in a neutral-to-all-sides fashion. These books help agents, prosecutors, and defense attorneys correctly structure their investigations and present their cases in court. These books help judges to find and apply the law correctly.

Corpus Juris’ first book, Proving Federal Crimes, was chosen by Amazon as one of the ten best law books of 2001, the year the first edition was published. The second edition is even better and more comprehensive. Corpus Juris has followed the success of Proving Federal Crimes with Follow the Money, a guide to financial and money laundering investigations.

 Follow the Money is the most complete treatment of these related financial topics ever released. Corpus Juris combines original research with excerpts from the best public domain resources produced by high-level government agencies. Attorneys, judges, investigators, intelligence agents, bankers, corporate officials, and criminal justice researchers cannot find better sources to get answers to their critical questions. It is to this end that Corpus Juris is dedicated.